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Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions presented herein govern the legal relationship between the Seller and the Buyer in respect of transactions entered into for the purchase and sale of goods and services through the online store operated by the Seller. The purpose of these terms is to provide a comprehensive framework for regulating the commercial interactions between the parties, ensuring that their respective rights and obligations are defined and respected throughout the transactional process.




  1. The seller, DaxBull, is the legal entity responsible for offering goods and services for sale through its online store and entering into transactions with Buyers.

  2. The term "Buyer" refers to any adult natural or legal person who intends to purchase goods or services from the Seller's online store, and who has the capacity and authority to enter into a legally binding contract with the Seller. The Seller offers its goods and services to Buyers under these General Terms and Conditions, which govern the contractual relationship between the parties throughout the transactional process. The terms and conditions are applicable to all Buyers, regardless of their legal status, and shall be binding on them upon entering into a contract with the Seller.

  3. The Seller is obligated to send the purchased goods or services to the Buyer only in compliance with these General Terms and Conditions (GTC). It should be noted that some of the clauses contained in these General Terms and Conditions are directly applicable only to Consumers, as defined by the Consumer Protection Act. These clauses do not apply to Buyers who are legal entities or individuals that purchase goods or services for commercial or professional activities. The applicable clauses are explicitly indicated as such and are limited to natural persons who acquire the goods for non-commercial or non-professional purposes. However, all other provisions contained in these General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all Buyers, regardless of their legal status or intended use of the purchased products or services.

  4.  The Buyer is required to provide the Seller with the necessary data for concluding a contract of sale, which includes their full name, email address, and telephone number. This information shall be provided by the Buyer upon purchasing goods or services from the online store operated by the Seller.

  5. In order to use the online store, the Buyer must register by providing their full name, email address, and phone number. The Buyer may also opt to register using their Facebook or Google account. Upon registration, the Buyer must unconditionally agree to these General Terms and Conditions by checking the appropriate box. The Buyer's personal data shall be processed in accordance with the applicable data protection laws and the Seller's privacy policy. The Seller may use this information to facilitate the transactional process and communicate with the Buyer regarding their purchases and any relevant updates or promotions.


  1.  Before the Buyer is bound by a contract or proposal to enter into a contract, including distance or off-premises contracts, the Seller shall provide the Buyer with all legally required information in a clear and understandable manner, unless such information is already apparent from the context or the nature of the goods or services. Such information shall include, but is not limited to, a description of the main characteristics and the selling price including VAT, and information on methods of payment and delivery. The Seller and the Buyer shall enter into a valid contract for the purchase of goods or services from the online store once the Buyer has completed the online ordering process and finalised the order. Upon finalising the order, the Buyer shall receive a confirmation of the order via email or telephone, using the contact information provided by the Buyer. The Seller shall then provide the Buyer with the purchased goods or services. The moment of concluding the contract between the parties shall be accepted as the moment when the Buyer pays the price of the goods, using the method and address of their choice. The Seller reserves the right to refuse to process the order, even after sending a confirmation to the Buyer. Any amounts paid by the Buyer shall be refunded in full. The Seller may refuse to process the order when there are reasonable doubts that the order is non-authentic, including cases where it does not come from the Buyer described or for other technical reasons

  2. The goods and services that the Seller offers and provides are the following:

  3. The Seller offers educational courses focused on trading in financial markets. The product is solely intended for educational purposes and should not be construed as investment advice, investment research, or financial analysis, nor as general recommendations relating to transactions in financial instruments. The characteristics and content of the course are fully disclosed by the Seller on its website.

  4.  Participation in a group for analysis of financial instruments - the product is entirely for educational purposes and should not be taken as investment advice or investment research and financial analysis or other forms of general recommendations related to transactions with financial instruments. After paying a subscription fee, the Buyer joins a closed group in the application “Zoom” where the live trading sessions are conducted. Specific parameters for transactions with entry and exit level are periodically shown, as the Seller at no time engages the Buyer or any third party with the provided information - the information summarises only part of the transactions that the Seller concludes.

  5. To purchase a product or service, the Buyer shall select the desired product or service from the Seller's online store, and provide the required data for the conclusion of the sale contract. This data includes, but is not limited to, full legal name, valid e-mail address, contact telephone number, and selected method of payment. By proceeding with the purchase, the Buyer unequivocally acknowledges acceptance of this General Terms and Conditions (GTC), and this acceptance is reaffirmed upon the creation of a personal account and with the confirmation of each order.

  6. In the event of inaccuracies in the data provided by the Buyer, including but not limited to incorrect email or telephone numbers, or if there are obstacles to the delivery of goods or services beyond the reasonable control of the Seller (such as natural disasters, postal disruptions, etc.), the Seller is not responsible for non-delivery or delays.

  7. Upon receipt of order confirmation and full payment from the Buyer, the Seller commits to supply the ordered product or service within the timeframe mutually agreed upon at the time of purchase, unless otherwise impacted by unforeseen circumstances beyond the Seller's reasonable control.

  8. In the event that hardware or software issues on the Buyer's end cause difficulties or make it impossible to utilize the provided product or service, the Seller is not liable. The Buyer agrees to use the goods and services exclusively for the purposes stipulated by these GTC and as detailed on the Seller's website. Nothing in these GTC or any action taken by the Seller should be construed as granting any license, sub-license, or any exclusive or non-exclusive rights to the Buyer, unless explicitly stated otherwise. The Seller's obligations are confined to the commercial purposes outlined within these GTC and on the Seller's website.

  9. All potential disputes arising from this contract will be settled in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which the Seller operates



  1. The right of withdrawal is not applicable to the services provided by the Seller, as the purchased product constitutes a service. The execution of the service commences immediately upon purchase, and consequently, the Buyer forfeits the right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal, as per Article 50 of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), is also not applicable to individual Buyers who procure products from the Seller for utilisation in their commercial or professional activities, or to corporate Buyers.

  2. Article 50 of the CPA also stipulates that the right of withdrawal does not apply to the following contracts:

  3. For the provision of services where the service is fully performed and its execution has begun with the explicit prior consent of the Buyer and acknowledgment from them that they understand they will lose their right of withdrawal upon the Seller's full fulfilment of the contract.

  4. For the supply of goods or services where the price is subject to fluctuations in the financial market, beyond the Seller's control, that may occur within the withdrawal period.

  5. For the delivery of sealed audio or video recordings or sealed computer software, which are unsealed following delivery.

  6. For the provision of digital content not supplied on a tangible medium, where the execution has commenced with the explicit consent of the user who has confirmed their understanding that they will forfeit their right of withdrawal by consenting to the commencement.


I. 60-Day Loss Refund Policy

In the event that you, as a Buyer, are not satisfied with the financial outcomes resulting from your application of the knowledge and strategies provided in our educational course, we request that you reach out to our support team. While we are not legally obligated to do so, we strive for customer satisfaction and may consider a full refund.

To qualify for a refund under this policy, the following criteria must be met:

  1. You must have completed the entirety of the provided educational course.

  2. You must have opened an live account with one of our partner brokers.

  3. You must have engaged in trading activities involving the DAX or a derivative based on the DAX such as CFDs or futures, and incurred a loss.

  4. The request for a refund must be submitted within 60 days from the start date of the course

  5. You must provide proof of your losses in the form of a detailed statement from your live trading account.

Please note, refunds under this policy will be processed no later than 30 days after the refund request has been approved.


II. 30-Day Satisfaction Refund Policy

In the event that you, as a Buyer, decide within the first 30 days of purchase that the service/product purchased is not to your satisfaction, please contact our support team. While we are not legally required to issue a refund, we are committed to delivering a positive experience and may consider providing a full refund.

To be eligible for a refund under this policy, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The request for a refund must be submitted prior to 11:59 pm (UTC+2) on the 3rd day following the date the course started.

  2. You must not have accessed more than 10% of the course materials.

Please note, products and services that contain a digital download from the merchant's site, as well as our Expert Advisors (robots) and "Signal and Analysis" group subscription, are classified as non-refundable products and services as per Article 50 of the Consumer Protection Law (CPL). In addition, refunds under this policy will be processed no later than 30 days after the refund request has been approved.

If the conditions outlined in each respective policy are not met, we reserve the right to reject the refund request.


18. Guarantee Exclusion

The provisions of the Obligations and Contracts Act or the Consumer Protection Act relating to goods guarantees are not applicable to our products and services. The inherent nature of the services we provide, which comprise primarily of informational and educational materials, does not lend itself to traditional forms of guarantee.

19. Limitation of Seller's Liability

The Seller bears no liability for the Buyer's misinterpretation of the purchased training courses or the information provided. If the Buyer fails to acquire new skills or knowledge as a result of the service provided, the Seller holds no responsibility. The Seller's goods, services, and the information posted on the Seller's website are intended for general informational and educational purposes, and should not be considered as a recommendation or advice for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument.

The information provided does not account for individual subscribers' investment objectives and financial capabilities. The Buyer acknowledges their understanding and agreement that they should assess the suitability of the provided materials before taking any action, and, if necessary, seek third-party professional advice. Prices of currencies, commodities, and stock indices can fluctuate, potentially leading to investor losses. Past performance and gains are not indicative of future success, and results are not guaranteed. Margin-based financial instruments carry a high degree of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Before investing, the Buyer must ensure they understand all risks associated with margin trading.

20. Seller's Right to Terminate Services

The Seller reserves the right to discontinue the services provided to the Buyer at any time, effectively terminating the Buyer's access in the following circumstances:

A) The Buyer has publicly shared the information received from the Seller in violation of these General Terms and Conditions (GTC); B) The Buyer has disseminated or started disseminating the information received from the Seller for purposes other than those outlined in these GTC and in the relationship between the parties; C) The Buyer uses the information received from the Seller for commercial purposes, reselling or unlawfully disclosing it, in violation of these GTC and the agreed relationship between the parties; D) The Buyer has harmed the Seller's reputation by disseminating false information about the Seller; E) Any other scenarios stipulated in these GTC and the agreement between the parties.


21. Personal Data Management and Protection

The Seller functions as a personal data controller and ensures the security of information provided by the Buyer. Disclosure of personal data is permissible only when complying with statutory procedures. The Buyer acknowledges that in order for the Seller to fulfill its service obligations, the Seller will process, store, and eventually delete the Buyer's personal data as per the Contract. The management of personal data adheres strictly to the applicable laws, with more information available in the Seller's Personal Data Processing Policy on the Seller's website.

22. Cookie Usage

A “cookie” is a small text file stored on the Buyer's computer or mobile device during a visit to the Seller's website, which is retrieved in subsequent visits. The Seller uses cookies to enhance and streamline the Buyer's user experience. Cookies are not used to store personal information or to share information with third parties. More detailed information about cookies can be found on the Seller's website.

23. Intellectual Property Rights

The Seller respects the intellectual property rights of others and makes no guarantees of uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free access to the site, as this can be influenced by factors beyond the Seller's control. The Seller's products and services are non-copyrighted; their misuse by third parties, including the Buyer (beyond the purposes of the contractual relationship), is subject to legal penalties. The Buyer acknowledges that these General Terms and Conditions and the agreement between the parties do not involve any transfer of intellectual property rights. In performing the services, the Seller may provide the Buyer with materials related to the service, but these materials remain the property of the Seller.

24. Force Majeure

Unless otherwise explicitly stipulated, neither party shall be held liable for non-fulfillment, in whole or in part, and/or in cases where obligations fall outside the contract terms, should such failure to fulfil obligations occur as a result of force majeure. The party or its legal representative invoking force majeure must immediately inform the other party comprehensively about the incident and take measures to mitigate its consequences. The party or its legal representative is exempt from liability only if the force majeure event genuinely prevents the good-faith execution of the contract.

As always, please consult with a qualified attorney to ensure that these provisions are compliant with your local laws and regulations, and are enforceable in your jurisdiction.


25. Confidentiality

The Buyer commits to preserving the confidentiality of all information related to the initiation, execution, and existence of the contract and the relationship between the parties. The contract's existence and its terms are classified as "Confidential Information" and must not be disclosed by either party. "Confidential Information" refers to any information (whether conveyed in writing, orally, or electronically) exchanged between the parties, which the Seller explicitly labels as confidential or which the Buyer can reasonably assume to be confidential. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to: business, financial, accounting, and marketing information, analysis, forecasts, projects, documentation, procedures, innovations, concepts, reports, drawings, sketches, plans, trade secrets, know-how, other intellectual property, and the personal and contractual relationships between the parties.

26. Buyer's Liability

The Buyer is accountable for any negligent non-fulfillment of obligations under these General Terms and Conditions and agrees to compensate the Seller for all losses, damages, and lost profits caused by such non-fulfillment.

27. Modification of General Terms and Conditions

The Seller reserves the right to alter the current General Terms and Conditions at any time, publishing the changes on its website and notifying the alteration in a prominent place on its website. If any clause in these General Terms and Conditions is deemed null and void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions continue to be effective, as long as they sufficiently serve the objectives and intentions of the parties.

28. Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute between the Seller and the Buyer, the Buyer can seek assistance from the local Alternative Dispute Resolution Authority (ADR) if a resolution could not be reached directly with the Seller. The ADR body for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria is the Joint Conciliation Commission at the Consumer Protection Commission based in Sofia, 4 A. Slaveykov Square. The Buyer could also attempt to contact the Seller directly for dispute resolution in good faith. The Seller accepts alerts and complaints during regular business hours at its management address and its email.

29. Compliance with Bulgarian Law

These General Terms and Conditions adhere to Bulgarian legislation. For all cases not resolved by these General Terms and Conditions, the prevailing legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria will apply, and any legal disputes will be referred to the relevant competent court in the Republic of Bulgaria.

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